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     Visual learning: Emotion – Expression – Explanation

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Műszaki tudományok, Pedagógia

Magyar Tudományos Akadémia 


2013. november 15. 10:00

2013. november 16. 18:10

Friday, Nov. 15, 2013
10:00 – 10:20 Opening addresses
Rectorate, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Prof. András BENEDEK, Head, Department of Technical Education
Plenary session Chair: Norma Goethe
10:30 – 11:15 KRÄMER, Sybille:
Trace, Writing, Diagrams: Reflections on Spatiality and Intuition
11:15 – 11:50 PIETARINEN, Ahti-Veikko:
A Road to the Philosophy of Iconic Communication

11:50 – 12:05 Coffee break
Plenary session
12:05 – 12:40 ACZÉL, Petra:
Expressivity and Emotion in Visionary Rhetoric
12:40 – 13:15 KIMBLE, James J.:
Soldier and Savior: Visual Propaganda, Narrative Inevitability, and the Case of the Kid in Upper 4

13:15 – 14:15 Lunch break
Parallel sessions
Section A (Room 139) Chair: Section B (Room 102) Chair:
14:15 – 14:50 BAUER, András – HORVÁTH, Dóra – MITEV, Ariel:
Shift towards Visual Information Processing Style – An Underlying Consumer Perspective
KONDOR, Zsuzsanna:
Pictorial Representations and Their Subjects

14:50 – 15:25 HORVÁTH, Dóra – MITEV, Ariel – VESZELSZKI, Ágnes:
Sharing and Interpreting Internet Memes in the Consumer World
GIARDINO, Valeria:
“Diagramming”: Connecting Cognitive Systems to Reason

15:25 – 16:00 SCHIRM, Anita:
Figures of Speech and Image Configurations in Advertising
GOLDEN, Daniel L.:
Face to Face: Images of Emotions in the Network Age

16:00 – 16:35
NYÍRI, Kristóf:
Meaning and Motoricity

16:35 – 16:50 Coffee break
Plenary session
16:50 – 17:25 KING, Ian W.:
Expression and the Body

17:25 – 18:00 BENEDEK, András:
The Visual in Engineering: Old Schemes and New Dilemmas

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013
Parallel sessions
Section A (Room 139) Chair: Section B (Room 102) Chair:
10:00 – 10:35 GOETHE, Norma:
Explanatory Models, Analogies and Metaphorical Uses of Formal Theories BERGMANN, Judit:
Visual Representation as Self-Expression in Pedagogical Practice: Possible Explanations of Adolescents' Symbol Drawings

10:35 – 11:10 TANÁCS, János:
The Argumentative and Heuristic Role of Diagrams
in the Formation of Non-Euclidean Results
KÁRPÁTI, Andrea – SIMON, Tünde:
Symbolisation in Child Art: Creation and Interpretation of Visual Metaphors and the Assessment of Symbolization Skills

11:10 – 11:45 KULCSÁR, Nárcisz:
The Importance of Experiences in the Learning Process
KISS, Virág
Application of Visual Language in Art Therapy
11:45 – 12:00 Coffee break
Parallel sessions
Section A (Room 139) Chair: Section B (Room 102) Chair:
12:00 – 12:35 SZIRMAY-KALOS, László – OITTINEN, Pirkko – TERÉKI, Balázs:
Computational Aesthetics for Rendering Virtual Scenes on 3D Stereoscopic Displays
EITLER, Tamás:
Nonlinearity and Decontextualisation in Visual Communication

12:35 – 13:10 SZŰTS, Zoltán:
Images in the Network Age: Picturing Augmented Reality
Pictorial and Textual Communication
within the Scope of Citizen Journalism in Social Media

13:10 – 13:45 BEDŐ, Viktor:
Size and Shape of the Playing Field:
Map Perception and GIS-based Urban Game Design
PÁL, Dániel Levente:
Cultural Techniques in Webergonomics
– The Aspect of Search, Defence and Visualization

13:45 – 14:40 Lunch break
Parallel sessions
Section A (Room 139) Chair: Section B (Room 102) Chair:
14:40 – 15:15 FRIEDMAN, Alon:
Visual Analytics Theory and Practice: Lessons Learned from a Pioneering Course
Seeing Paintings as They Are: Cognitivity of Expressive Aesthetic Qualities

15:15 – 15:50 HORVÁTH CZ., János:
Visualization Possibilities of Great Amounts of Data –
Based on BME Educational Leadership Training's Log Files
Visual Metaphors in Raymond Murray Schafer's Idea of Soundscape

15:50 – 16:25 VESZELSZKI, Ágnes:
Information Visualization: Infographics from a Linguistic Point of View

16:25 – 16:40 Coffee break
Plenary session Chair:
16:40 – 17:15 GOODNOW, Trischa:
Light from the Middle East: The Real vs. the Imagined in Contemporary Photography

17:15 – 17:55 KATZ, James E.:
Emotions towards and Expectations of Google Glass and Other Social-Locative Technologies

17:55 – 18:10 Concluding discussion

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